If I own multiple web sites, should I link them all together, or will that actually hurt SEO?


Is it a better practice to link all of your domains together, even if they are not really related, or not? I’m wondering if it would help or hurt for SEO purposes?

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As long as all of the sites are related and relevant with each other, I agree with Christopher. However, if they are completely different in themes and content, it could harm your SEO efforts, according to Google. I think it helps prevent using link exhanges to improve a sites Page Rank


Here is Google's Anti-Spam head, Matt Cutts, talking about this issue. 



Christopher Nerney
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I'm not sure what you mean by "linking them all together," but over the years I've run multiple properties simultaneously -- both professionally and personally -- and it's always best to leverage what you have. Synergy is a powerful force on the Internet. Of course, if you have a site about rodeos and another about Shakespearean festivals, the synergy factor might be a bit low. But usually when people own multiple sites, at least some of them are relevant to each other. So, yes, linking them should be a good thing.

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