Is there a way to block IP addresses from a specific country?



South Korea just suffered its largest data loss due to Chinese hackers. This affected over 75% of their population.


Is there a way to protect our routers from being invaded by foreign nations? If we had a list of the ID addresses to block, that would help us get started.


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This is scary: over the past 5 years, China has been hacking businesses and government organizations worldwide. When one considers that the Chinese government controls their country's internet in ways that Western nations wouldn't, we should all be looking for ways to clamp down on Chinese access to our networks and websites.


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Well if you are running an apache server then you can block the offending IP from reaching your website by using a .htaccess file 


Simply add the following statement, changing the IP address to that you want to block.



<Limit GET>

order deny,allow

deny from 58.14.0





for more info, there's a huge list of Chinese address blocks at this link:

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blocking a country to get access to your website will resolve this

Please go through the forum discussion, which is helpful -

Sandeep Seeram

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If you are an enterprise and want to block the over 80% of fraud and DDoS attacks that originate from foreign countries they make an in-line appliance that blocks countries by IP address

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