What changes will be noticeable as IPv6 is implemented?


Today is World IPv6 Launch Day. Get on your party hats! I understand that IPv6 is intended to address the shortage of IP addresses. What else, if anything does it do? Is there anything that companies need to do because of the switch over?

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Here's a pretty good article that covers the basics of iPv6:

Happy IPv6 Day! But What the Heck Is IPv6?

"Several technology companies on Wednesday celebrated World IPv6 Day, a historic moment when many big tech companies and Internet providers began switching to a new system for getting on the Web. Most of us will never even have to think about this.

But does anyone even really know what IPv6 is? The following is a quick explainer, in the form of an edited Q&A with Owen DeLong, a former networking engineer who is an IPv6 evangelist at Hurricane Electric, an Internet services company."

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End users probably won't notice anything, unless your service provider drops the ball.  


There is a page that Google has set up to let you check to see if your ISP has made the switch over.  



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