What do people think are the most important attributes for a good landing page?


The landing page is the way visitors are introduced to a site, and is arguably the most important page on a site. If done well, it can encourage visitors to explore the site, if done poorly, it can actually cause visitors to bail without even seeing the meat of the site. What do you think are the things that make a landing page effective?

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My first rule is no audio or video that auto-plays.  I just hate that personally, and I think it drives a percentage of your traffic away.  That percentage is probably small, but there I doubt there is anyone who decides to stay on the site because of it, so there is nothing positive that comes of it. 


I would say the same about pop-ups.  A significant percentage of visitors will have a pop-up blocker, so you can't count on whatever message you want to convey actually reaching anyone.  Many more people will just close them immediately.  A waste of time and a distraction, in my opinion.


For the most part a clean, visually appealing design is what I prefer, with simple UI to allow visitors to navigate the site.  I try to avoid the wall of text if I can help it, but sometimes companies want that on their landing page.  Of course, whoever is paying gets to make the ultimate decision, but I think of the landing page as the cover of a magazine, and you don't usually see articles on the cover.    


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I agree totally with the comment about audio and video not loading. If I hit a landing page with that stuff, I'm gone. I can't stand it.

Just give me the basic information about a site, and let me make my choices from there. Keep it simple, short and to the point. I will do the rest once I've taken in that information.

Christopher Nerney
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A good landing page tells readers what the site is about without overwhelming them with information. Landing pages that use a lot of "space" are easier to read and navigate with the eye. Landing pages also should have several content links on the top page and a content directory. Tell readers who you are, give them something to read and give them a map. No need for gimmicks or visual tricks.

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