What's the best way to manage Twitter lists?


I'm trying to organize the people I follow on Twitter into category lists by how I know them so that the feeds make more sense to me than just one general feed of everything (the firehose). But Twitter list management is pretty awkward with both Twitter and TweetDeck (which Twitter now owns). Any suggestions for making some sense of whom I am following?

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You cannot beat www.twitlistmanger.com for helping to organize the people and groups which you follow into manageable lists. I can't believe that Twitter hasn't come up with a solution this elegant. It is free, easy to use, and actually makes encourages good list management behavior (so you can unfollow people who end up not having much useful to add to the conversaition.

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Hi Hugh,

Please see this article. It has some good background on Twitter lists and also a list of the ten best practices. It should help you get started managing your Twitter lists.

Almost 3000 Words On Everything You Need To Best Use Twitter Lists

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I just came across http://tweetbe.at/list-manager/ and its amazing and simple.

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If someone in this thread is still interested, there's a new tool out there: http://tweez.it

Tweez is free, fast and browser based.

Have fun :)

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