What mobile devices typically aren't allowed on corporate networks?


Has your IT department said "no" to connecting a particular personal mobile device to the corporate network? If yes, what?

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There was an article in CSO that listed the poll responses from CSOs, CISOs and security managers when asked what employee owned devices were allowed to access their company email. iPhone/iPad and Blackberry were both the most allowed at 78% with Android following at 46%, which is a pretty significant difference between the two big players. The least supported devices were Windows Phone 7 (18%) and Mobile (15%), with Symbian bringing up the rear at a mere 6%. Sorry Nokia. About 1 in 5 responded didn't allow ANY BYOD use.

If you want to read the entire article:

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I think it depends on the IT department. Some seem more open to various devices, while others ruthlessly squish any attempt to use non-official devices.

If you're lucky you'll have an understanding and supportive IT department. If you're not you'll be stuck not being able to use the devices of your choice.

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