Are there some good apps for Active Directory (VMware/Server also if possible) remote management?


As a part of the company IT support department, On daily basis I would receive requests about reset password, unlock account etc, also I got some ESXi hosts with couple servers that I need to keep monitoring/maintaining.

It is not a problem at all if I'm in company (otherwise I fail so hard at my job lol) but if I happened to be on the go (i.e on site support for clients or just on trip/vacation), sometimes it just not so convenient to do RDP/VPN/SSH. ( tried the Microsoft RDP app its not bad at all, but not really enjoy using it on a mobile device)

I'm fine with them but just wondering in this so called era of mobile, if there are some good apps that allow me to remote access and do some common tasks in like reset password, unlock accounts etc on my tablet/phone (android preferred).I've tried couple of apps but no good experience yet. I don't mind switching to different app for monitoring VMware/server management, but if there is some any all-in-one solution (with reasonable price) it'd be most appreciated.Any suggestions? thanks a lot :)

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I am using an app called Infradog ( Both Android and iOS). I have tried many apps but this one maybe the ONLy app doesn't need additional VPN ( it needs a Management Point installed in your network).


It support Windows, Active Directory, VMware, IPMI..... for monitoring and remote access.


The cool feature for AD managment is it support to upload your employee photo on mobile ( capture live photo on phone camera)


Active Directory Video:

VMware Video:


This app also support Dell DRAC / HP iLO/ IBM RSA through IPMI so I use it for turn-on/off my server on mobile too.





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This one might be of use to you:

Active Directory Assist

"AD Assist turns your iOS device into an Active Directory Management tool, no matter where you are. ADAssist is the ultimate little app to search and manage your users, computers , groups and contacts. The built in reports provide real time data to gain deep insight on "Locked accounts", “Soon to expire passwords “ and “Soon to expire accounts”.

AD Assist provides an end to end, secure and encrypted access to your Active Directory over Wifi or Cellular networks, using direct connection or via VPN. This solution is completely agent less, with absolutely no software installation or SSL certificates required on your domain controllers or in your Infrastructure. It is compatible with Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 2012 with full unicode and globalization support.

Imagine managing your co workers accounts right in front of them while chatting in the cafeteria or walking in the hallways. Or imagine, being far away from office, and needing access to Active Directory immediately, just download this app and immediately manage your Active Directory within minutes. Use the “Soon to Expire passwords” report to surprise your Senior Management with pro-active password reset before they leave on a business tour. Balance your work and life, Attend to help desk requests while on the Go. AD Assist is an ideal solution for IT professionals and IT enthusiasts."

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Thanks Regit, so far I like the Infradog app you suggested, its very convenient to do the routine job on it, very clear and easy to navigate UI design, thanks for the suggestion.

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