Project Management Professional (PMP®) PMBoK 5 Certification Training?


I am planning to take this course online as my schedule is very busy i cannot take regular classes for this so wanted to do PMP certification exam training online . So i searched a lot and came across . I don't know how it is going to work for me so if anybody have taken this course from this site please let me know...

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Christopher Nerney
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I haven't taken the course, but it sounds as if the instructor is qualified and has a good track record (99% pass the exam). They also offer a refund if you don't pass, and the first 25 who sign up get a discount. Seems there's not much risk. Good luck.


PMP exam training online is starting in july from with money back Guarantee if the exam is not cleared in first attempt. So if anybody is interested to take PMP online training can visit the link provided ..
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I haven't taken the course, but Christopher's message about it seems right on to me. Good luck.

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Hi Heena, wiziq is a nice institute to go for. My colleague took a training from them and he passed in the first attempt so do I. But I took my training from Simplilearn. If you want to consider more options you can also review their website as their online courses are quite affordable and easy to understand.

Good Luck for your certification.

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