What are the best software applications for college students?

Agili Ron

Hello Friends,


What are the best software applications for college students? What are the best software applications for college? Money not being an option, what are the best software applications for college? I'm looking for stuff that will help me write and take good notes mainly but any other helpful software you can think of would be nice.

Thanks In Advance,
Agili Ron

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If you are looking to get solid software but don't have money to spend, why not just go with Google Apps or Open Office.  Obviously, your needs will differ based on your major, but for the most part you need the basics - a decent word processor, a good calendar, and perhaps a spreadsheet.  Either of those two options would provide those. 


If you can afford to spend a little bit of money, Microsoft Office University is a good deal at $100 for students. Might want to consider that option as well. 

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Try checking out SourceForge for free, open source applications. You might save a significant amount of money by using free, open source apps instead of commercial ones.


Brad Riley
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PERRLA is good for writing MLA and APA papers. It's easy and up-to-date.

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