What are your resume red flags?


Back in March, the CEO of Expensify wrote a blog post in which he explained why when he sees .Net experience on a developer's resume, he shoots it to the circular file. No matter how talented a developer that candidate may be. Extreme, to be sure, but begs the question: What is your resume red flag?

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I don't know why .Net in particular would be a red flag, but I suppose it depends on the hiring manager and what his/her needs might be. Traditional HR people always say that red flags are gaps in employment, and there are still a lot of hiring managers (who are a little out of touch with the real world, in my opinion) who see someone who has been unemployed for six months as unworthy of a job. So some people do see that as a red flag, as ridiculous as it is. The trick to get over that is to either leave dates off completely, or fill in the gaps by indicating you were doing contract work (assuming you really were, of course).

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