Has anyone actually confused Apple's products with Samsung's?



I've been reading a lot of news about Apple & Samsung's epic legal battle, where Apple claims Samsung ripped off their look and feel for tablets even though Apple's iPhone 3 looked quite similar to the Samsung Eternity, which was released first. Apple has asked for injunctions as part of this lawsuit to prevent Samsung from selling products in the US; Samsung in return has requested that Apple divulge more info regarding their upcoming iPad 3 and iPhone 5, which of course Apple flatly rejects.


Will the courts be able to make some sense of this, or does Apple wield too much power by having so much more money for litigation? Has anyone been fooled into thinking that their Samsung phone is an iPhone? And isn't it a bit silly that both companies would rather litigate than innovate?


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This is crazy. I can clearly see that Apple's is the more refined, attractive product, that shipped several months later.




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