Anyone having issues with GPS on the new Nexus 7?


I just got my daughter a new Nexus 7 for her birthday and she was playing around with GPS while we were driving around today. Everything worked fine at first, but after a few minutes, it started giving the searching for GPS message and we couldn’t get it to lock back on. When we stopped for a bite to eat, we tried it out of the car, with a clear, unobstructed view of the sky, with the same result. Anyone else experienced this?

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 Apparently, it’s a pretty common issue. Google issued a statement saying they are aware of it, so I would expect either an update, or you will get to return it. Being an early adopter does have its downsides. In any case, I ordered a new Nexus 7 this weekend, so I’m torn between being like a kid waiting on Christmas and wondering if my GPS will work properly. Finger are crossed. 

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In case anyone runs across this question and has doubts about getting a new Nexus 7 as a result, Google has issues an OTA update that addressed touchscreen and GPS issues. That’s the advantage of a Nexus device, updates come quickly and you always get them. Here is the thread from Google product forums discussing the release of the update:

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Indeed, Google has acknowledged the issue. 


It has been discussed in the xdaDevelopers forums and a possible fix has been suggested here:

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