Are all of my iPhone accessories about to be useless because of a switch to a 19-pin connection?


I know this is unconfirmed, but I've read a number of things about Apple switching from a 30-pin dock connector to a 19-pin connector on the upcoming iPhone. But, but........I have years worth of goodies, some of them quite expensive, that use the 30-pin connector! Am I going to have to spend literally hundreds of dollars to be able to do all the things with an iPhone 5 that I can with an iPhone 4? I had always counted on my accessories working with the each new iPhone that I got, so I didn't hesitate to buy stuff. Why is Apple making this switch now?

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It seems that the answer to this totally clear yet.  According to Apple's description of the new adapter,  “Video and iPod Out not supported.”  They also describe the adapter as allowing you to connect with MANY of your 30 pin accessories.  Many, not all.  So, from this, I get the impression that if you have iPhone accessories that use video and iPod out for signal source, they are unlikely to work with the iPhone 5, even with the adapter.  Hope I'm wrong.


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No worries, I believe Apple has already announced that an adaptor will be available. So that should let you use your current gear for quite a while.

I think they are doing this because they are making some significant changes to the next iPhone. We'll have to wait and see exactly what those changes are when the phone is announced in the next month or so.

But technology marches on, so no accessories last forever. Sooner or later we have to replace them with better, more efficient technology.

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I hear what you are saying, but a 30-pin connection is a little "old school" to be kind.  It's too big, there is only so much space in any smartphone, and a 30-pin connector is a waste of valuable space.  After all, would you rather have an archaic 30-pin connector or a larger batter and a little longer batter life?  Yeah, I'd take the battery life too.  Other than backwards compatibility with some accessories there is no reason to keep the old 30-pin connector.   


Anyway, Apple will make some sort of adaptor as the earlier post said, and 3rd party (and cheaper) adaptors can't be far behind.  There is no way Apple would want to anger millions of customers by making most of their accessories useless, so don't sweat it.    

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From iPhone 5, Apple began to adopt new 8 pin interface data lines. The new data line will save 80% spaces and some can insert from positive and negative. If there is no accident, the following sales of iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch series all will adopt the new interface.

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