Best alternative Android keyboards?


I fought against giving up my physical keyboard for a long time, but there just aren't many (any?) top tier Android phones with physical keyboards anymore so now I'm trying to find the best keyboard for touchscreens. I've tried the stock ICS Android keyboard, which works ok, I guess, but I'm much slower on it than I was on my old slider. I also gave Swype a try, and it looks like it might be fast after I get used to typing by sliding my finger around. I saw an article about Snapkeys, which uses only 4 keys and predictive text - it looks weird but interesting. Has anyone found an Android keyboard that is significantly better than the others?

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Do a Google search for "best android keyboard apps." Tech Radar has a review of the eight best ones. I was not able to post it here for you because it apparently triggered the spam filter. Sorry.

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I've used Swype enough to get good at it, but I never found it all that much better. Different, and not worse, but not all that much better, except for one hand typing in portrait mode. Some people love it though. I checked out the beta of Snapkeys, and I found that intriguing. It really depends on the accuracy of its predictive text to work, and I could see it being a very fast way to type as the "predictions" get better. Which brings me to a popular choice that you didn't mention, Swiftkeys, which is also focused on predictive text. Some people hate it, some people love it. Like the other poster said, there are a lot of options out there. It comes down to personal preference. I actually like the stock Gingerbread keyboard best of all the keyboards I've tried, but that's probably because I used it longer than any other and got used to it. 

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There are a lot of options. Swiftkey is the most popular. My personal favourite is Magic Keyboard Pro, since it is more configurable and has a very wide range of predictions.

Susan Aroche
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Why don't you give Snapkeys a try, its very simple to learn and frees up my whole screen. Predicts my word every time. I can't go back to qwerty now.

Critical Thinker
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Problem with QWERTY keyboards are the buttons are 1/5 the size they were designed to be.


Try the Big Buttons Keyboard for Adroid. It doubles the size of the buttons, and the layout is a snap to learn.


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