Can I install iOS 6 on an iPhone 3G?


While I'm not to the level of being a TV worthy horder, I generally don't throw away my electronics. Want to play an original ColecoVision? Come on over and we can play Donkey Kong, Jr. Want to use WordPerfect on a 1994 Acer computer with Windows 95? Let me just pull that out of the upstairs closest. Point being, I don't really have anything to lose other than potentially bricking my very first iPhone, which would be mildly sad. Would it be possible to install iOS on a 3G? I don't want to try it if there zero chance, but if there is a possibility that it will work, I'll give it a go.

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You can definitely give it a try. You may not get all features in iOS 6 though, some features like Siri only work on iPhone 4S and up. But why not try and see what happens? You can always downgrade back to iOS 5 if you really want to go back.

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I don't think that iOS6 will gonna work for iPhone 3gs. Reasons: Outdated Hardware and the lack of memory. Still you can give a try and let us know if it works for you.

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The lack of memory on the 3G is going to keep it from working, and unlike the 3GS, Apple no longer supports the 3G.  If you hop in your time machine and go back to 2010, Apple tried to update the 3G with iOS, you will see that it did not go well, and many of the feature of iOS 4.0 were dropped for the 3G. It is possible on a 3GS which is the oldest supported iPhone, but I'm not sure that it is worth doing due to the dated hardware of the 3GS.    

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sUmc coud u te me how to do that..

CJ Prabh
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iOS 6 can't be installed on an Apple iPhone 3G, because it lacks in RAM and Processor. As iPhone 3G is as equal to the iPhone 2G (mostly prescribed as Original iPhone).


Yes, you can install a customized iOS Firmware from

But it doesn't allows you to access many of the Original iOS 6 features, but you can enjoy the Apperance of iOS 6.

I Am an Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB (Factory Unlocked) User and very much HAPPY with it. 


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Try this method from Whited00r: ... you can use this system with locked or unlocked iPhone 3g phones

I don't agree at all with "russofford', since after having downloaded (, my iphone 3G has 

died totaly. I suggest to anyone " do not try this method for IOS 6."

Iphone 3G is too old and still looking for another method and help.

kind regards


Martha Deanie Powell Brown
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I have a 3g, with ios6 installed on it, and it works just fine.  the things that are on an i5 or i6 just don't work on the 3g, such as sari, but all the other stuff works great. no problems out of it at all.


How did you manage to do it ???
Janela Cobian

can you please show me how to do this? like step by step

I too would like you to show me how to accomplish this.  Please email me at "adkyler at sbcglobal dot net" with step-by-step instructions.  I appreciate your help! Mahalo!   PS - Is the iOS6, on your 3g, the whited00r version (which is actually iOS 3.1.3)?

i would like to know if this is a full ios 6 or the whited00r version.   can anyone confirm?
Omorote Hideoshi
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No you can't update iPhone 3G to iOS 6.


If you will update with whited00r you will actually get iOS 3.1.3 which is modified version of iOS by whited00r. And version of whited00r (not iOS) is 6.


It's more explained here: .


It took me two days to figure that .. I think I reinstalled my iPhone about 20 times :)

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Try this method from Whited00r: ... you can use this system with locked or unlocked iPhone 3g phones.


This custom firmware allows you to run iOS 6 on an iPhone 3 ... this would also allow you to run programs (like the latest version of Facebook app which requires at least IOS 4.3


The highest iOS normally for an iPhone 3g is v4.2.1


Russ Offord

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