Can I use an unlocked Android device from Canada with a US carrier?


I used to be a dedicated BlackBerry user, but I switched to Android about 2 years ago. Basically, I love the keyboard/form factor of BlackBerry, but love the freedom of Android and the number and range of apps available even more. So when I saw a review of a Motorola Defy Pro, even though the specs are mid-range at best, I was stoked. It has a keyboard like I like, android OS, and it is water resistant! I was less stoked when I read that it was available in Canada, but not the US, at least not at this time. How hard is it to use an unlocked device from a Canadian carrier with a US carrier, (I'm with T-Mobile, btw)? Is it even possible? I could get an unlocked Defy Pro online, but I don't want to spend the money and find out it is unusable in the US.

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You should be able to use it, but with T-MO you will probably only get "EDGE" speeds.  "EDGE" is another way of saying slow as molasses 2G, but at least it sounds fast.  On the other hand, it sounds as if you are not really into the best performing hardware, and if you are in a WiFi rich environment, you can just use WiFi connections for everything.  You don't even need to have a carrier.  And, of you install a VoIP app such as GrooVe IP, you can still use it for voice calls too, as long as the WiFi speeds are reasonable. 

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