Can you upload existing videos to Instagram?


Is there a way to use older videos that you have already recorded with Instagram? I’ve tried, but can’t figure out a way to do so. Thanks!

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notafan ofspam
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Yes you can, but it's not easy or supported by the instagram app.  You need to interupt the video upload and replace it with a video rendered to the same size and specs.  More detail here:

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I see your question has been answered. Also, check the instagram support site if you have other questions:

Christopher Nerney
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I'm afraid you can't, according to Instagram:


Q: Can I upload a video saved to my device?


A: No, you can only share videos on Instagram that you record from the app. 


Also, there's a 15-second limit to the videos you can upload.

Seongguk Chae
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Now you can find some ways to upload pre-recorded videos from your iPhone/Android phons to Instagram by googling.

Moreover, I made an Android app using the ways. InstaVideoUploader (:


In case of iOS, till now it is impossible to make the iOS uploader app because accessing other app's folder is not allowed in iOS. Howoever you can upload videos using iExplorer in iOS devices.

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Assuming notafan’s method works, it still seems that it would make more sense to use videos that are current and recorded with Instagram in mind. I’m too lazy to go to much trouble for a 15 second video, and by “much,” I essentially mean “any.”

Ryan Lindner
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Hey I found this solution to get it to work on iOS at this link with a video:

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In its 4.1 update, which rolled out this week, Instagram added the ability to import videos from your Camera Roll to the app. Read more here:

James Andrew
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Am not sure about the latest versions of instagram, but older version you are only able to share existing video that must be recorded with instagram application. I found this link (, this might answer your querry. You may also find plenty of Instagram clone apps to share your existing videos.

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