Choosing between Samsung Galaxy S4 3G and LTE?


Recently, my 2-month old white S4 LTE got stolen. I'm planning to buy a quick replacement S4. And since S4 has recently added new colors to the original black and white, I'm inclined to get either the blue or red. Problem is, these colors are always not available for S4 LTE but easily available for S4 3G. Due to my urgent need, I'm being tempted to get the 3G version not because it is cheaper by around USD 20 here, but mostly because I'm not a heavy user of mobile internet since I have WIFI at home and office, thus I have no perceived need YET to benefit from LTE in my day-to-day activities. My concern is, is it still advisable to buy 3G devices today for use in the next 2-3 years, or should I just get LTE and probably benefit from its features in the near future?

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For me, I prefer Samsung Galaxy S4.  I am currently using Samsung Galaxy and I must say, that aside form its sleek appearance and features, I 'm also satisfied with its performance. I cannot comment on LTE because I have not tried using it yet.

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Go with LTE, if you opt for 3G you'll end up regretting it. It's just not worth the slower connection speeds at this point. It will end up frustrating you and you may just decide to replace your phone again anyway.


Yes, I will just get the LTE version, I might as well be ready for future LTE use. Your advice is highly appreciated.
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I just wanted to chime in and say that I agree with Christopher - it's almost always better to pay a little more for the more advanced technology. 3G is functional, yes, but you will probably have to live with this device for the next year or two, so if you look at the additional cost per month to get the LTE version it is less than a dollar extra. Even if you only rarely use data, it's like a motorcycle when you do - faster is better. The only reason I could see not to get the LTE version is if there is no LTE coverage in your location. Of course, that is apt to change over the next two years as well. I must admit a red S4 would look pretty cool though.  

Christopher Nerney
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Every time I've ever purchased a smartphone, computer or any other kind of electronic product or service that was falling behind the curve, I ended up regretting it.

Blue and red would be cool colors, but functionality (or potential functionality) is more important, in my opinion. There's also the option of getting a red or blue cover, if you don't mind a bit extra bulk.

Good luck whatever you decide.


Thanks for sharing your experience with buying gadgets falling behind the curve.  As for the optional covers, I guess that can be considered.  I'm about to go to the nearest store to get the LTE version but suddenly a different question popped in my head: With the S5 release just around the corner (maybe 1-3 months), is it still advisable to get S4 now....

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