Do you still use Siri?


When the iPhone 4S came out, it was Siri this, Siri that. I'm curious, now that the newness has worn off, do people actually still use Siri?

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I use Siri at least 30 times a day. also as an app developer using iOS 6 there are so many new great features. Siri now has the turn by turn directions witch is amazing and is talk apple to the next leave. Siri is down right the most intuitive computer assistant you could ask for.

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I've got it via the iOS 6 developer beta on my iPad, and I don't really use it. I can't use it on my iPhone as it's an iPhone 4. It's a neat tool, but perhaps I'm just too set in my ways? I just don't really think about using it when I'm using my iPad. I already have my own way of finding things.

Perhaps I'll get into it later though.

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To be perfectly honest, about the only time I still use it is when I am out having a few pints with friends to try to get funny responses.  For sure the "wow" factor has worn off.  After getting past the initial novelty of being able to have an ersatz conversation with your mobile, it is a sometimes useful, but not vital feature.  I use it to send SMS message, but the voice recognition still gets things I say wrong which tempers my enthusiasm.  Plus, because I don't want to be a total horse's arse and use Siri in public (I'm thinking of you, Starbucks guy), the majority of the time I'm out it I don't talk to my phone and it doesn't talk to me.   

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