How can I justify ANOTHER new iPhone when I just bought a 4S!?


Apparently the iPhone 5 is due out this summer, which is only a few months away. Let me confess that I love getting new Apple products almost as much as I love a new pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Coincidentally, a new pair of Christian Louboutins cost about the same as a new Mac, but oh well. Of all tech areas, I probably follow mobile technology the least, and one thing I enjoy about iPhones is that in contrast to my everyday work experience, I can just use it out of the box and not have to do much of anything. It is like a tiny island of simplicity in my life, that also happens to look beautiful However, I just bought a 4S in November. Is the iPhone going to be another incremental update, or will my shoe budget have to suffer for a worthy evolution of the iPhone from Apple?

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Always having (and desiring) the newest thing is the blessing and curse of being an early adopter.  You get to enjoy period of having the latest and greatest technology, but then a little time passes and what was late and great no longer is.  As long as you can afford it, and have prioritized ownership of the latest iPhone/iPad/whatever as something important to you, I don't think that there has to be ANY justification.  To paraphrase Descartes, "I want, therefore I get."  


Currently, most of the information about the iPhone 5 is based on speculation and rumor.  One rumor that has been repeated though is that the IPhone 5 will include near-field communications (or NFC).  This could make the iPhone effectively your wallet, potentially allowing mobile payments to take place with no need to take anything out of your wallet.  Neat, if safe and adopted by most merchants.  We will see what else happens the iPhone 5 will offer.  I'm sure it will be neat, but from a purely economic perspective, replacing a 4S in less than a year is not the path to increasing your 401K.  The real question is do you care about that? 

Mary Dave

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I'd sit tight and wait to see exactly what the iPhone 5 has to offer. It may not be enough of an advance for you to bother buying it.

I skipped the iPhone 4S because I had an iPhone 4 and it did everything I needed it to do. I might upgrade to the iPhone 5 if the specs are worth it. There are a lot of rumors about this or that, but nothing substantive from Apple yet.

I also skipped the iPad 2 since it didn't have a higher resolution screen. Rumors suggest that the iPad 3 will have a high res screen, but again it's better to wait for Apple to confirm all of this.

So sit tight, you may not have to buy an iPhone 5 if it turns out to be a minor update.

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