How can I sell my iPhone 4 to get the most money to buy a new iPhone 5?


I can't resist the siren's call of a new iPhone, but the money thing is a bit of an issue. What is the best way to sell the "old" iPhone for the most money, so I can afford to get a shiny new iPhone 6? There is always ebay, but I can't help thinking that there must be a better...and more lucrative...way.

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Check out Apple's recycling program. That's probably your best bet.

They'll give you an Apple Gift Card that you can put toward a new purchase.

Personally, while Apple is the straight forward way to go, thier prices are very low and you get better deals elsewhere.   Phone trade in / recycling sites are becoming much more popular such as and - you will probably find the prices can be $70+ more on these types of sites.
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That idea seems good.The iPhone  has been the top-selling mobile phone since its 2007 debut.Each new iPhone has outsold the previous version.After long-time preparing, Apple has lastly launched its latest iPhone mobile, iPhone 5. Comparing with iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 isn't only more attractive in style but also much better in function.

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One advantage of the iPhone family is that they tend to retain their value to a greater degree than many other mobile devices.  I would also think that selling it right now would maximize your cost recovery, before the new iPhone is released.  Of course, you might be without a device for a little while.  


You could always go the ebay route, but you have to deal with potentially flakey buyers, potential payment issues, and the delay of the auction period.  I stopped selling anything personally on ebay last year when PayPal decided to retain my funds for 30 days after receipt for no clear reason, so be aware that there is the possibility that PayPal will just keep your money and there is almost nothing you can do about it. 


The first poster probably suggested the easiest, quickest and safest way to fund you new iPhone by going through the Apple program, but probably not the most lucrative.  There are other options too, that you should consider.  Check out Gazelle and NextWorth to see how much they will pay you.  They are established companies that let you see how much they will pay before you commit to selling.  Just be honest about the condition of your phone, because if they evaluate it and find the condition is not what you said they will revise the purchase offer downward.   


To get an idea of current value, I just checked on and found they would pay $155 for a functioning black iPhone 4 16GB. would pay $146 for the same device in average condition.    

Jonathan Sims
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You can consider for this purpose.

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