How can I use my iPad to easily gain remote access to my PC?


I know how I can access my files back in the office using MobileMe, but that requires that I put the files I might need into the MobileMe cloud ahead of time. Is there an easy way to gain remote access to applications on my desktop PC when I'm away from the office?

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There are a few different applications that will allow you to do what you want.  LogMeIn is one good desktop application for remote access, and the one I have used.  It is an open source application, and there is a free version as well as LogMeIn Pro which charges an annual subscription.  After you get LogMeIn installed on your desktop, you need to install LogMeIn Ignition on you iPad.  Ignition is available at the App Store for around $30, IIRC. This will let you basically use your PC or Mac as if you are sitting right in front of it, moving the mouse around and clicking on files/icons.  It might take a little practice to get the finger gestures down to replicate mouse movement, but it should click pretty quickly.    

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Hi Zeeman,

You might want to check out this forum thread. It has some good suggestions in it and some user opinions about each piece of software.

Best Remote Desktop App

david warner
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TeamViewer is best for remotely accessing computer from iPad. In addition to it, you can even have view only remote connection between iPad and computer by deploying on premise remote support appliance such as RHUB appliances. Browser is required.

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There are lots of apps. The best remote desktop app is logmein, but if you want full access (pro) you have to pay for it. If you want something that unifies your devices so that you have access to all your files from your desktop PC and potentially other devices I would check out the app younity. It doesnt require you to select files beforehand and put them into the cloud. You simply add the app to your iPad and Desktop and gain access to all of your files.


Hope that helps answer your question.

Sanjana Reddy
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Windows Desktop Remote Access From Tablet And Mobile.....

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