How to change the “3D” screen appearance and zoom in on iOS 7?


The new iPhone is great, but the way the icons shift and float in space messes with my eyes and actually makes me feel a little dizzy. It reminds me of my son’s 3DS when I first looked at the 3D effects. I can deal with it, and probably could get used to it, but Is there a way to get rid of that display feature?

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The appearance of depth on the home screen is caused by parallax effect, which Apple uses for one reason: to look cool. You can lessen parallax effect by going to iDevice Settings>General>Accessibility>Reduce Motion.


There isn’t anything I know of that you can do about the animations though, as far as I know.   


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I suspect Apple will eventually offer a way to turn off the animation, as a fair number of people have been bothered by it. In the meantime, the earlier answer covers what you can do right now.

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