How large should the display on the next iPhone be?


Apple has stuck with the 4” screen for years now, but the consensus seems to be that the next generation will be larger. What size should Apple go with if they do increase the screen size?

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That’s hard to say. It seems pretty clear that a 4” screen has become something like a 32” TV - it’s an ok size….but a little small by today’s standards. On the other hand, that would require Apple to implicitly admit that they are following Samsung’s lead on screen sizes, when they have taken the position that 4” is the perfect screen size. They do have some points; easier to put in a front pocket and it’s easier to operate one handed, for instance. 


There have been a number of reports suggesting that a 4.8” screen is to be expected on the next generation iPhone. This seems like a good compromise between the mega phones that look absurd in the front pocket of most pants and the smaller 4” size. As more and more video is played on iPhones thanks to Netflix, YouTube, etc, most people want a little larger screen.

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I'll take a guess and say that they will continue to offer the 4-inch version, as well as a 4.8 version. As to what actually happens, who knows? We'll just have to wait and see what Apple ends up releasing.

Christopher Nerney
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If Apple increases the size of its iPhone screen at all, it won't be by much. I just don't think the company will make dramatic changes to what has proven to be an extremely popular device.

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