How to make iPhone battery last longer?


Beyond turning down screen brightness, what are some things I can do to improve battery life on an iPhone?

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Jennifer Edima Ubong
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Hi, there are a lot of things you can do to make your iphone battery last longer. There's a lot of activity going on in an average smartphone and all those things contribute to its battery drain. You can start by looking for apps whose notifications are unnecessary and you can do without, turn their notification feature off so your iPhone does not try to get new items from that app. Also, if you are using a dynamic wallpaper, you should change to a static one. I found a pretty good list containing some good ways toimprove iphone battery.

Jennifer Edima Ubong

I'm not sure why, but for some reason my source pointer was stripped off my first reply (did i just rhyme?). Ok, the 17 ways to make your iphone battery last longer can be found on improve iphone battery life.
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Improve Your iPhone's Battery Life,2817,2367391,00.asp

"Turn off push notifications.

Turn off push e-mail.

Turn off whatever radios you're not using.

Kill background tasks.

Set display brightness to adjust automatically.

Watch the force feedback.

Get a battery case.

Sync your iPhone periodically."

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There are a lot of things you can do, some make a bigger difference than others, but they all should help to some degree. Here are a few easy ones that I think make a noticeable improvement. Hope they help you out.


1: Stop apps from refreshing in the background. Sure, you want some apps to refresh regularly, such as email and messaging apps. Most other stuff is just a waste. Go to Settings>Apps>Background App Refresh and turn off background updates for apps that don’t need it.

2. Use static wallpapers instead of dynamic wallpapers. You can choose a static wallpaper under Settings>Wallpapers & Brightness.

3. Use WiFi as much as possible instead of cellular data. It uses less power, so you get more out of each charge. Plus, unless you have unlimited data, it saves that data for when you really need it. 

4. The flip side of #3, turn off WiFi and BlueTooth if you are out and about. There is no need to constantly be seeking a connection and wasting battery when you don’t need to.  

5. Turn off Airdrop. Ok, sure turn it on when you need it, but what percentage of time do you really? I bet less than 1%. Select Airdrop from the Control Center and turn it off unless you actually need it. 

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