How much better is LTE than 3G?


I've been on Sprint for a while, but their data speeds have just been terrible lately.  Where I am is slated to get upgraded to LTE shortly, but I'm at the end of my contract.   Except for data speeds, I have been happy with Sprint.  My options are to get a new LTE phone from Sprint and possibly wait a while for the speeds to improve or pay quite a lot more to get a comparable plan from another carrier.  I detest AT&T since spending 19 hours (I kept track) trying to sort out a problem with my internet connection where they kept telling me again and again that it was my fault/I was doing something wrong.  Of course it turned out that their installation was faulty when they finally sent someone out, just as I had told them repeatedly.  I'm actually still a little mad about that, now that I think about it.  19 hours!  So basically that leaves Verizon, and maybe T-Mo, since I'll never give AT&T another dime if I can help it.  How much better is LTE than 3G?  Is it really noticeable, or just a little faster?         

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Way better. WAY, WAY, WAY BETTER. I was flabbergasted when I used LTE on my iPhone 5, after having had 3G forever. It was faster than my Comcast cable connection at home. I couldn't believe it.

Unfortunately, it costs too much to use it as a home connection or I'd dump Comcast in a heartbeat. But, for the times I need a data connection on my iPhone 5, it's a very fast connection.

Shannon Nanna
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I'm completely confused. I'm on AT&T's "4G LTE" here in Dallas; I thought 4G just describes the speed of the LTE. ?? At my hair salon I use the speed to quickly surf through hairstyles when consulting with clients. If it weren't for the speed I couldn't do it or it would eat up the appointment time. 

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I'm using it on my Sony Xperia smartphone and loving it. It is way more better than the 3G.

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Spint has lagged behind AT&T and Verizon in speed for a while now, but they are finally rolling out LTE.  Slowly.  


As for speeds of LTE vs. 3G, there is a big difference.  I can't directly compare Sprint 3G and Sprint LTE, but I just ran Speed Test on my Virgin Mobile phone that runs on Sprint's network (3G) and another guy in my office ran it on his AT&T iPhone 5 (LTE).  The difference was pretty huge.


AT&T LTE = 28.6 Mbps

Sprint (Virgin Mobile) 3G = 0.61Mbps


That's not enough to get me to change to AT&T though.  I also dislike AT&T as a company, my experience that turned me against them was they screwed up my billing and incorrectly sent me to collections.  They could give me free foot massages and unlimited 1Gb data speeds and I still wouldn't give them another dime.


There have been a few articles I've read that claim Sprint's LTE is slower than Verizon and AT&T, but since it hasn't been rolled out in my city, I don't personally know.  I use WiFi so much that I don't really use 3G for data much anyway.     

VanGilder Michael
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I don't know, on a personal-first hand, knowledge.  But I, was researching this myself and found this interesting.


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