How much difference is there between an LCD and AMOLED display?


I am considering getting a Samsung Galaxy Victory, which looks to be a decent mid-range android phone, for significantly less money than an S3 or S4. One of the things that is different than the higher end devices, presumably to save money, is the display is LCD instead of AMOLED. Is this a big deal?

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There certainly is a difference, but while AMOLED may look nice, they have had some issues in the past. I may get some flack for this, but Super AMOLED in some of the Galaxy models just didn’t look great when you viewed lower resolution images with the brightness turned down. If you keep your display at battery burning levels, you will never notice it though. With the brightness up while viewing high-res images/video, the AMOLED is going to look great. It’s not a night and day difference from a good LED display though, and the Victory’s screen should be perfectly adequate for most people.    

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See this article:

AMOLED versus LCD touchscreens - What's the difference?

"Think of a smartphone and you're almost certain to think of one with a touchscreen. While the varying models and manufacturers utilise different technologies and techniques when producing their touchscreen, there are really only two types. These are AMOLED, favoured by manufacturers including Samsung, Motorola and Nokia, and LCD, typically used by Apple, HTC and Sony.

Neither type of touchscreen is better than the other, but they do have different characteristics that you might prefer."

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The only way to know for sure if the screen on your future device will satisfy you is to play around with them for a few minutes.  


Anca Andreea Jitaru
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I tested both screens on Samsung S4 vs a medium phone like Ace ,or S Advance.

The contrast and colours are far better on AMOLED but luminosity is not so great.On LCD you have more brightness but the colours,contours and details are mixed,and on some screens it seems faded.Also the viewing angles are better on AMOLED .But i think the main advantage of AMOLED screen is power saving.

You can read more about those screens ,and other like IPS ,etc on this article :

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