How much does it cost to have an iPhone repaired if you have Applecare+?


Is it worthwhile to spend the extra money to get Applecare+ when getting a new iPhone? I’ve paid extra for extended warranties in the past only to find that everything that broke fell under “wear and tear” and wasn’t covered.

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Is AppleCare worth it?

"When you buy an Apple hardware product such as a Mac or an iPad, you get a one-year hardware warranty and 90 days of free phone-based tech support, starting from the date of purchase. If something goes wrong—other than, say, you dropping your MacBook Air in a bucket of soapy water—Apple generally picks up the tab for repairing or replacing your hardware (at its discretion).

As most of us know, however, things tend to go south with hardware sometime after the included warranty expires. Often, it seems to happen the very next day. Let’s call it Klutzy’s Law. To ensure that your spiffy purchase continues to work without requiring you to pay for repairs and support as the need arises, Apple offers AppleCare Protection Plans as add-on purchases. But what do they give you? How much do they cost? And most importantly, are they worth it?"

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There was a good article that addressed the question of whether Applecare Plus was worth it on Macworld a few months ago.


The out of pocket costs have gone up to $79 for each replacement/repair, but that covers pretty much everything including accidental damage, so unlike those warranties you mentioned, Applecare Plus is actually useful. Still, you have to do the math. $99 for the Applecare Plus, and $79 for each repair really means $178 for your first repair, so if you are careful with your iPhone, it isn’t that great of a deal. If you are Butterfingers McGee, then it might be. 

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