How much performance difference is there between single core and dual core CPUs?


While trying to decide between new Android phones, I see quite a few that are very close on clock speed, but some have single core CPUs and some have dual core. Is there much of a difference really? When would you be likely to benefit from dual core; just gaming and other graphic intensive use, or would it always be apparent?

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I think it is most noticeable for multitasking.  There are so many variables in hardware architecture that it is hard to just give a simple answer.  The GPU makes a big difference, for example. This is a much talked about topic in the android community. Here is one thread that addresses it, but there are many others.

Christopher Nerney
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Here's another one of the Android community discussion forums that jackson alluded to. One particularly interesting point of view...


"Unless the OS and the app are written to utilize both cores you will see very little performance increase if any at all. This goes the same with your PC at home. Saying a phone has dual core or a computer has quad core just makes it sound like it will be faster."




"If you are running apps or programs designed for multi-core you will see a difference. How many android apps are written for dual core processors?"




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Unless you are using apps that can utilize the second core, you probably won't notice a speed difference.

There's an interesting thread on this topic though:

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