how to transfer calender on Blackberry to i phone 5

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This article might help you out, it also has info about moving other stuff.

Transfer Data & File to iPhone 5 from Android & Blackberry: It isn't Tough Anymore

"Apple finally released iPhone 5 and iOS 6 with many new features recently. Transferring data and file to iPhone 5 from your old phone is one of must things if you want to get this new iPhone.
If you are current using Android or BlackBerry, you may think it's tough to transfer data and file to iPhone 5. Now the following will show you a complete guide to help you transfer data and file to iPhone 5 from Android and Blackberry in a easy way."

Christopher Nerney
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I had a hard time finding a direct answer online to your question. Someone over at this site asked how to transfer the BlackBerry calendar to a Samsung Galaxy and was advised to use the synchronization system, which involves first creating a data server. Hope someone has a better answer. 



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