nexus 5 and note 2

Divyesh Dodiya

which one is best for me? for more camera exp. and gaming and internet tooo.............................

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Nexus 5 review
The ultimate Google Phone?

"The Nexus 5 is an excellent phone in many ways. It's solidly built and feels great to use. It's got serious processing power which means it can handle pretty much anything you throw at it. The phone has an absolutely gorgeous display. The KitKat update is polished and refined, and cements my belief that not only is Android leading the charge in mobile OSs from a functionality and user interface standpoint, but from a design standpoint as well. The battery life, while not perfect, appears to be good enough to get you through a day of work — which is certainly on par with its competition.

More importantly, Google is blazing a new path in the way we buy our phones. A device of this quality for $349 is something to take notice of. It's impressive, but more than that, it's a crucial step towards offering consumers more control over how and when they buy their phones and phone service. It's also just kind of a cool idea — a great phone, no strings attached."

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I suggest you buy Nexus 5. Note 2 is an old type and now Note 3 is on the market already.

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