Samsung Galaxy S3 keyboard doesn't accept password


The keyboard of my Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn't appear to enter the password so I can't enter the password to get in. Is there any solution other resetting to factory setting which results in losing the data?

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I’m not sure from your question whether your keyboard is not working at all, or you are just unable to enter your password. If it is not entering characters at all, you may have to send it in for repair. I know that there have been some issues with Swype lately on some Galaxy models, but if it is completely unresponsive so that you can’t get in to change keyboard settings, there isn’t much you can do. If it’s not accepting your password but is entering characters, that’s a bit of a head scratcher. Could someone such as a sibling or co-worker who likes to play tricks have changed your password? If not, then you are probably going to have to do a hard reset. Even so, you shouldn’t lose your data on your SD card, and all your contacts should be backed up with your google account (depending on which services you use), so it shouldn’t be THAT big of a deal. Good luck. 

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You might want to contact Samsung about this and ask them if they can help.

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