Is there a way to turn off Facebook notifications on the iPhone 4s?


My facebook notifications are out of hand. Even when my iPhone 4s is locked it shows me the inane garbage my friends post on Facebook. Is there a way to fix this?

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Oh that's a cinch. Go to your Settings, select Notifications, and then there's GRANULAR controls for your apps which generate notifications. You can select whether you want an annoying Alert (that you have to click on to make it go away), a non-obtrusive Banner at the top of the screen, or None. Also with some apps there are options for using a Badge App Icon that will show up instead of the normal App icon when you have a notification waiting, as well as options for Showing a Preview of the notification, how many times to repeat the alert, and whether or not you wish for the alerts to show up if your phone is locked (what's the purpose of locking your phone if emails and texts can be read by anyone).


These settings apply to anyone using IOS5, not just to iPhone 4s users. Works great on my iPad.
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Hi bralphye,

It's definitely a good idea to turn off notifications you don't need, but don't stop with just Facebook. Be sure to check other apps too as those notifications can help eat up battery life.

Here's a good article that covers the issue of the 4S and battery life:


"The new notification system in iOS 5 is a welcome upgrade to the old-school method used by earlier versions. The system is so slick it entices new iPhone 4S owners to let every app on the phone send notifications for virtually every event the app tracks. Unfortunately, as Android phone owners can attest enabling notifications can be the quickest path to the shortest battery life on a new phone.

User forums are already rife with iPhone 4S owners complaining of poor battery life that is shorter than that of earlier iPhones. New owners are already discovering that apps that poll the web frequently for updates of one type or another can quickly drain the phone’s battery when outside the comfort of a Wi-Fi hotspot."

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That was the annoying part, iPhone eat so much battery specially when you have several apps that are auto sync and notified you in every updates. Even I turn them off, there they always go working in the background. For FB, what usually do is logging off one not using it, same to other tools and apps. Once I turn those on, the battery life just consume 7 to 10 hrs when using and specially I am using bluetooth iphone keyboard during I play certain games.

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