What is Android Silver?


What exactly is Android Silver?

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I don’t think there has been an official announcement from Google, but apparently Android Silver may replace the Nexus line. According to Android Central, it will be limited to devices that “run the latest version of Android with little to no customization.” Sounds a lot like Nexus, right? However, the difference seems to be that instead of taking a somewhat hands off approach, Google is trying to come closer to the Apple Store experience, with Android Silver carriers agreeing to a higher level of customer service, including things such as providing assistance when migrating data and demonstrations of how to make use of Play. I have a Nexus 7, and while I don’t have any complaints about customer service, there isn’t any of the handholding and “touchy feely” experience like that a new iPhone or iPad customer might expect. Apparently Google noticed a lot of people like the Apple experience, and seeks to make the purchase of a flagship Android product more Apple-like.

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Android Silver hopes to whip OEMs and carriers into shape

"The Information (subscription required) is reporting that Google's line of Nexus phones is going away and will be replaced by an "expensive" new program called "Android Silver." The new program would effectively pay OEMs and carriers to sell devices that meet Google's specifications.

The specifications would limit the number of non-Google apps that are preinstalled on the phone, or at least make non-Google apps uninstallable. In exchange, Google would provide as much as $1 billion to promote Android Silver devices through advertising and in-store kiosks. The program aims to prop up Android OEMs like Motorola and LG, who are struggling to match the might of Samsung.

Besides the reduction of skinned apps, the speed of updates to the devices would be increased. It all sounds like a reboot and enhancement of the Google Play Edition program. The most intriguing change over the existing program reportedly involves Google helping with hardware features, like voice recognition (a standout feature of the Moto X) and waterproofing."

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Simply put, it's another Android platform, featured for high profile Android smartphones to complete with iOS.

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