What apps would you suggest for a new iPad user?


I got an iPad for my mom because she likes Apple products, but I’m an Android user that has never owned a single thing made my Apple. Her first question when she got it was which apps are good. My response, “Er, Netflix is good.”

What are some other apps that I should suggest for her? She retired, so she doesn’t even have to pretend that she is using it for work, but she’s an active, busy lady who is always out and about doing something. She’s also pretty bright and has owned a Mac since the Apple IIe, so they don’t have to be simplistic, dumbed down apps. Any suggestions?

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Netflix should buy you some time to find some suggestions, at least. Beyond that, I would think a mix of entertainment and productivity applications would be something she would appreciate. Here are 5 apps that I would install in no particular order (of course everyone is different):


1. Duolingo. I find I use tablets as a time killer very often. This let’s me kill time while honing my German speaking skills. Other languages are available, of course. It’s rewarding and fun. 

2. News 360 -  a nice newsfeed aggregator/curator.

3. Day One Journal - a slick diary/journal app. It’s not something that everyone will love but if she is the type of person that enjoys recording the details of her life in prose and image, I’d wager she will like this. 

4. Mint. Keep track of finances. It’s neat to see my income and expenses in chart form . 

5. Snapseed - photo editing app. Easy to use interface, good results. 

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Day One is a great journaling app that syncs across Macs and iOS devices. It's very easy to use and she should consider it if she like to write.

I also like iBooks and the Kindle app for ebooks. Both are great.

Collection HD has some great pinball games to play. Relax Melodies HD is also great for relaxation sounds. VLC is great for video, and Mercury is a great alternative browser.

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