What are the major apps that would be lost switching from Android to Windows Phone?


I’m pretty happy with Android, but I must admit that the newest Windows Phones have been catching my eye recently, particularly the Nokia 920. If anyone has made this switch, what apps that you consider important did you lose making the switch. I assume I would lose some of the Google specific apps, but are pretty much all of the other “big” apps available?

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Personally, I use an iPhone and I can do a lot of things by it. I download a blu-ray player to watch my favorite movies and I can enjoy my music etc. by it. You can try the app and maybe you will like it. 

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Losing Drive would be a pretty big deal to me, since I use it across platforms. Instagram matters to a lot of people (but not me), and I don’t believe it is currently available on Windows Phone. For the most part though, you are either going to find a version of most popular apps for Windows Phone, or a functional alternative. Microsoft actually has an app on Google Play that you can install and it will create a match list for Windows Phone apps. At least that is what it is supposed to, the reviews on Play are less than positive. Here is the app if you want to try it.

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The best thing you can do is search the Windows Phone store to see if the apps you need have been released for that platform.


That's the only way to really know.

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