What are the most important specs to consider when choosing a tablet?


When choosing a new tablet, what are the most important things to consider once you get past the choice of OS and size?

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I think the speed of the processor, RAM and storage space would be the most important ones for me. If you like games then you'll want the fastest processor you can get in your tablet, along with a lot of RAM. And if you have tons of apps and content, then you'll want one with the most storage space possible.

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In order, my concerns would be (1) screen resolution, (2) battery life, and (3) internal storage. After experiencing high resolution screens such as Apple’s Retina and the screen on the new Nexus 7, I can’t go back. Things just look so much sharper and it is far easier to read text. Battery life is important on a tablet because the way they tend to be used - lots of video and streaming audio - takes a lot of juice. Internal storage is a must if you like to store a lot of music on your device, and especially if you like to play cutting edge mobile games. A single game can easily take up 4-5Gb of your internal storage. A less important concern is the CPU, but it still should be considered.

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