What’s the most useful improvement with the iPad Air?


I know there is the usual Steve Austine type general improvements - lighter, faster, thinner - but is there anything that really impacts the user experience that has changed? With iOS 7 running just fine on existing iPads which also have the same Retina display, would an owner of an existing iPad even notice a difference with the iPad Air?

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I vote for the A7 64-bit chip. That sucker is going to be awesome once app developers start utilizing it. Even without optimized software, you will still see significant speed increases.

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Being lighter would make it easier to hold over a long period of time, especially if, like me, you like to lie on your back in bed and hold your tablet in the air over your face while watching Netflix and reading. It might not hurt as much when you drop it on your face, which would be nice. 


Beyond the lessened threat to my face, most of the hardware improvements will become more evident over time, as developers utilize the new 64-bit architecture of the A7 processor. 


Nice Six Million Dollar Man reference by the way (although it is "Steve Ausin"). 

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