What's the best mobile app for finding a restaurant?


I'm starting to do a bit more traveling for work and was wondering what everyone uses to find restaurants when they travel. I'm running an Android phone and have been toying around with Yelp.

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Have you tried Zagat? That's kind of the world standard for food reviews.

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Hi wstark,

Here's an article that covers the five best restaurant discovery apps for mobile devices. I think you will find it helpful.

Five Best Restaurant Discovery Apps

"Looking for a new place to eat in a new town, or want to try a specific cuisine and don't know where to go? Regardless of the mobile OS you prefer, there are plenty of apps that can help you find a new place to eat that you'll actually enjoy. Here's a look at five of those apps, based on your nominations."

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I would say the best mobile apps which should be in every onece smartphones are yelp and paytem because they can help you in finding the best restaurant, hotel etc also help in finding bus, train, reachagre. Yelp is best exaple of custom restaurant apps as  this app wil help you to get the best service which you can get through its review.


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These 3 are the apps known to me. Hope it will help you.

Restaurant Finder

Food Spotting

Veg Out





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One of the best apps for finding new restaurants that fit your preferences is called Gvidi.

Gvidi uses special algorithms to give you personal recomendations. It is much more personalized than your typical restaurant app. I highly recommend it.

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The best guide bars and restaurants that I know of is Gobefore.Me - It does not work on iOS and Android, but is perfect for tablets. Also has coverage of hotels throughout the world. Site: http://gobefore.me/ - I hope I helped! ;)

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