When is the iPad 3 coming out?


Is Apple planning to announce a new iPad before Christmas? Or are they waiting until next spring? What could they possibly add to the iPad that would make it better than the existing version?

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I'm hoping that Apple implements the high-res Retina Display like on their iPhones, and a better camera. Also the speaker on the iPad 2 kind of sucks - it's not as loud or as clear as the one on the iPad.

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I'm pretty happy with my iPad but I'm hoping that the next iteration uses this new phosphor backlighting technique developed by Nanosys. It vastly increases the displayable color gamut on LCD devices, producing much more vibrant colors.


Elliott Wadsworth
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i think the ipad is to be relesed in spring next year

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I wanted to circle back to this after reading this article. It looks like Apple could be doing something different with the next iPad.

Pegatron has iPad 3 order for March, iPad 4 in October, report says

"Pegatron Technology, one of the major manufacturers of Apple's iPad, has already begun filling an order of iPad 3 units to be released in March, according to a report from industry Web site Digi Times.

The report also states that Pegatron will be producing between 7 million and 10 million iPad 4 units set to be released in October. And, according the DigiTimes' "sources from the upstream supply chain," Apple will be changing its manufacturing strategy, which will shift the manufacturing load of iPads to Pegatron (with iPhones as an auxiliary product) from Foxconn Electronics, which will focus on iPhone production (with iPads as an auxiliary product).
Two iPad models this year sounds great, huh? Well, there are couple of things we should decipher from all this before we get too excited.

First, if there are going to be two iPads, it is unlikely that we will see a limited run of an iPad 3 with a looming iPad 4 in the fall. The more likely scenario (if two iPads are to appear in 2012) is that the March iPad will be an iPad 2S, featuring an upgraded processor, more storage capacity, and perhaps more RAM."

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I doubt it will come before Christmas. More likely sometime in March if there's going to be a new one soon. At least that's the rumors I've been seeing floating around the web. Who knows though?

I'd like to upgrade from my iPad 1 to a higher resolution screen. The iPad 2 just didn't offer anything significant in that regard so I skipped it. I have my fingers crossed that the iPad 3 is better though.

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id dont k now i wish someone would tell me


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