Who makes the displays for the iPad Mini?


Does anyone know who the manufacturer of the iPad Mini’s display it? I’m curious if Apple is sticking with Samsung for components despite their ongoing legal battles.

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Samsung Makes the New iPad's Screen Because No One Else Could

"Apple has exacting demands when it comes to quality control, and few things need to hit harder on quality than the retina screen on the new iPad. According to Bloomberg, the only company that was able to make the screens up to Apple standards was Samsung. You know, the company Apple's been trying to sue into the ground for months and months. Awkward.

Bloomberg says that LG and Sharp both failed to meet Apple's quality control standards, leaving Samsung as the lone manufacturer for the screen, at least at first. Both companies are set to start producing iPad screens for this generation as early as April, provided they can catch up to Samsung on quality."

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 It’s LG. There are really only a few companies that manufacture high quality displays, and Samsung and LG are the major players. LG made my home TV too, now that I think about it. 

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