Will Google Cardboard VR work with all Android 4.4 phones?


I have a LG phone with Android 4.4, but it’s not one of the devices listed as compatible. Will it still work with Cardboard VR kits?

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It should can work. But maybe it needs an external device to converte LG Phone Signal. Like LG Phone hdmi converter. Maybe you can have a try !

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Looks like you have a good answer already, but here's a link to an Engadget article that explains what Google's Cardboard VR is for those who aren't familiar with it:


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On the Google Cardboard site it says it should be compatible with most Android phone with Android 4.1 or higher. I have an LG Volt, and Android 4.4 phone with a 4.7” screen, and it is a good physical fit. However, the motion function won’t work for some reason, which means that you can’t really do anything with Cardboard. The cost is pretty low; I’ve seen some kits for around $20. Perhaps I’m just unlucky, but Cardboard definitely will not work will all devices, even some that are 4.4 like mine.  


Note that I have only tried the official Google Cardboard app. I need to try some of the others and see if they work. 

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