Connecting a PC or LAN to a L3 switch

Aman Ul Haq

I have a configuration where 3 networks are connected to each other via L3 switch. Two of the three networks have 8-9 hosts each, so there is a L2 switch to connect them to other network. But the third network contains only 1 host.I want to know that is it possible to directly connect that host to L3 switch without using a L2 switch ( to be cost efficient ;) )If it is possible to directly connect the PC to L3 switch, what is the procedure? because apparently we are jumping to layer 3 device without going to Layer 2.

Topic: Networking
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Unfortunately, I cannot answer your question. However, you might want to check the manufacturer's site to see if there is a manual or other documentation that might assist you in getting this done.

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