How can I stop a printer from changing its IP address?


I have a network at my house for my home office, and the printer changes its IP address all the time. What do I need to do to make the IP address stay constant?

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Go in to your DHCP server and make an IP address reservation for your printer.  You may have to look at your router documentation to find the exact process if you can figure it out on your own, but that should take care of the issue.  Good luck!

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Have you tried updating the printer's software to the latest version? I'd check the manufacturer's site to make sure you are running the latest release, along with the most up to date drivers.

Richard Howard-Norman
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As you are on your home network, there won't be too many devices on it.  There is more than one way to overcome this.  Suggestion no 1: Change the DHCP range in the router.   Limit the amount of devices to connect, say 20, and check the start range of the DHCP pool so that you know what the last ip address will be in that range will, eg start ip  (last ip will therefore be 22)  Go into the printer's menu and set the ip address from DHCP (or Auto Obtain) to STATIC, and set the ip address well away from it's current setting and well away from the last DHCP address of 22.  Eg if your printer's ip address was then move it to  Then change the port on your printer driver to the same (


Suggestion number 2: (the easiest!!)  Use a host name for the printer port rather than an ip address. look up the host name for your printer.  Most printers these days can be viewed from the computer using the current ip address it is set to and enter this in your browser.  You should be able to see what the printers host name is called.  If not then go into the printer menu where you change the ip address and search for it there.  once you know the host name go to printer driver properties and ports and add a new port using the host name instead of the ip address.  It wont matter what ip address is on the printer as the host name will be used instead.  In laymans terms think about a mobile home moving around on the same street, every day having a different address.  The mobile home has the name ;shangri-la' over the door, the postman delivering letters cant find you because the letter only has a street number.  Once the letters have shangri-la written on the envelope the postman can then know where to post it.  Hope that makes sense.

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