How to monitor network activity by application on a Mac?


How can I monitor which applications are using the network in OS X?

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Probably the easiest way is to use Little Snitch, a network monitor which manages to be both comprehensive and user friendly. 

Dr. Rose
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Wireshark is widely acknowledged as one of the best network monitor tools available. Distributions are available for OS X.If you prefer something more simplistic you can use iStatMenus to show incoming/outgoing network traffic speeds.For the person who doesn't want to install anything you can also use tcpdump in Terminal.tcpdump -i (interface, en0 is ethernet, en1 is wireless)

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I think cuetip has a good answer for this.

Angela Stevens
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There are so many tools are available to monitor which applications are using the network in OS X. We are using MindArray IPM to monitor our nerwork environement.

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