How to use a Chromebook as a remote desktop?


I am considering buying a few Chromebooks as an inexpensive option for use when people are out of the office. However, there are times we need to be able to remotely access our office PCs when we are out, which is easy with a Windows laptop. Is it possible to use a Chromebook for remote desktop access of a PC?

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Here is a link to a complete set of instructions for set-up and troubleshooting the Chrome Remote Desktop app. The app is the first step. You can get it at the Chrome Web Store. Then, after you get the app, if you have issues or questions on getting it working, follow the first link.

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Riffin has a good answer to your question, here's a link to the Chromebook Help Center in case you have other questions:

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Yes it is possible Chrome Remote Desktop is new set that offers a new screen recording option. The best part of this that it is available for both Mac and PC, and let the user shoot videos and other screen casts without installing any other software. So now if you are out of your office you even record every action remotely.  

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