Our company is looking at a NAS, but how do you manage one without a keyboard?

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James Gaskin
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Every major NAS vendor includes a web-based administration utility to install and configure their NAS appliance. Clients use a browser interface to connect to and manage the NAS. Some vendors have fancy and colorful administration utilities, and some take a more minimal, function-first approach. All desktop NAS units, however, are designed to be installed and configured by non-IT professionals, so the administration utility includes setup wizards or easy steps for all management needs.

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Hi grayson,

I see someone has answered your question. Here's an article you might find interesting about getting the most out of your NAS. It's probably a good thing to read before you dive into setting up your NAS.

How To Get the Most Out Of Your NAS


"So, you just plunked down for some network attached storage. 500GB? 2TB? Doesn't matter! Even the most cavernous NAS is just a dumb brick—if you don't know what to do with it.

Getting a NAS set up as a simple file share is mostly a plug-and-play process. (More on that here.) And in raw form, it's a dead-simple concept: Here's a bunch of storage space that you can share among your home computers, over the network. But with a little work, you can do so much more than that, converting your NAS from a begrudging purchase in the name of caution to a vital piece of your very computing existence."

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