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12 weeks ago

For those lucky enough to have to go in on Sunday (grrrrrrr), we at least had the consolation of April Fools day this weekend to keep us...

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Brian Sarka
12 weeks ago

Based on the following criteria (and making no assumptions beyond those criteria) what can you recommend based on personal experience or thorough research...

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19 weeks ago

There have been stories on half of the websites I’ve visited today about Amazon exploring the use of unmanned drones for rapid delivery of orders. Is this a...

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Streaming your games for others to watch on Twitch is a big fad these days, but it looks like the company is taking the first tentative steps towards branching into other areas.
Also word on original TV shows for the Xbox platform, and if you're ready to buy, Target has a deal for you.
When it comes to watching TV, one of the Xbox One's biggest flaws is it's inability to access content on your DVR. A new version of Smartglass aims to address that, at least to some extent.
The social media giant buys virtual reality headset maker Oculus VR and the possibilities are endless - and frightening
One company’s unusual developer referral bonus program pays off for both sides
Xbox Live is infamous for being a toxic environment thanks to a small percentage of gamers who don't know how to behave. Microsoft thinks it has a way to fix the system.
Also announced: Pascal family of GPUs and a $3000 graphics card.
One of the Ouya micro-consoles's selling points has been that you can sample every game for free. That requirement is going away soon. Good news for developers, perhaps not as good for customers.
Google wants to put Android-powered devices all over your body. What could go wrong?
We already talked about Sony's Project Morpheus yesterday, but there's more VR news coming out of GDC this week.