What April Fools day tricks did people play at your office?


For those lucky enough to have to go in on Sunday (grrrrrrr), we at least had the consolation of April Fools day this weekend to keep us entertained. Everyone at my office knows that I have a, oh let's just call it a "healthy aversion" to spiders. So someone found some VERY realistic looking fake spiders and floated one in the water cooler jug, took the paper out of the printer and placed another in an apparently unopened box of printer paper, and put up a hi-res spider-crawling-on-my-screen screensaver on my desktop while I was messing with the printer. Nice, guys, nice. My traditional givin' o' the Cadbury Creme Eggs at Easter - canceled until further notice! So what did the merry pranksters around your office do for entertainment on April Fools day?

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Ugh. I don't care for spiders either. So I feel your pain. Eeeeew.

I work from home, so I had no problems with April Fool's Day pranks. Heh, heh. After your spider incident, I'm quite glad I didn't! :)

I'm sure there were some doozies pulled on some people though. Hopefully nobody got out of hand. Well, then again, there's always next year. :D

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We are pretty lame around here, I guess.  The only one I did was the oldie but goodie where I hid my buddies desktop icons and used a broken screen wallpaper.  Then I reformatted his HDD.  


Nah, I just did the wallpaper thing.  ;-) 



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Actually, I haven't encountered similar situation like yours but I think ,it seems to be a lot of fun. Finding realistic spiders especially in the office is rare. It is quite kind of a joke for everyone. April Fools' Day has spread around the world, with different nationalities specializing in their own brand of pranks at the expense of families and office mates like yours. Whether its a geeky jokes and spoofs of any kind, i guess , it is then a part of its celebration. To know more about this event as well as to where it has originated, try to look and try this one 

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