What's a good app for finding a parking place?


Confession: I HATE going shopping over the Thanksgiving holiday, and Black Friday is the worst of the worst. Unfortunately for me, my mom loves it and somehow has determined that it is a family tradition. She has also determined that my part of the tradition includes being the poor sucker that has to drive. My mom is great and doesn't ask for much, so I bite the bullet every year and pretend that I'm not miserable for the few hours that I am, in fact, totally hating it. Is there a good iPhone app for finding a parking spot, so I don't end up spending my entire day driving around parking lots looking for a spot?

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Chicago Parking is the one I really know, but it hasn't been updated in over a year, so I have stopped using it.  The same developer had similar apps for LA, NYC, etc., but I'm not sure if those have also been abandoned.  I think you pretty much have to be in a large urban environment to get good information. I have seen Parker on the app store, but I have never tried it out for myself It has quite a few positive reviews on itunes.

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